Our Quality Policy

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Our Quality Policy

MBD Group aimed at carrying out each project in accordance with the written terms of the contract and ensuring customer satisfaction in each stage of its activities. For this purpose, the Board of Directors of MBD set up a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 and undertakes to implement an effective Quality Management and Quality Assurance policy.

Accordingly, MBD Group adopts the following principles in its quality policy;

  • It understands the needs of its employees and all other stakeholders, including those required by legislation.
  • It continuously improves the effectiveness of its Quality Management System by fully meeting its requirements. 
  • Ensuring of sufficient quality in the execution and completion of projects is guaranteed by employment of qualified personnel and the state-of-the-art technological capabilities.
  • It ensures employer satisfaction by using appropriate materials and labor and completing the undertaken works in time and in full.
  • It aims for standards above the requirements of the sector in all activities carried out.
  • It reviews its quality policy continuously to ensure its compliance with the company objectives, and continuously improves the objectives set in accordance with the quality policy.
  • Our company that operates at home and abroad, enhances its competitiveness without compromising quality under various conditions and in various environments.
  • Processes are monitored quantitatively and the performance is continuously measured.

Our Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy

MBD Group primarily aims to minimize any loss by creating safe and healthy working environments for our employees, customers, solution partners and third parties in all sectors it operates in.

The basic principles adopted by MBD Group in line with this objective are as follows;

  • All statutory obligations regarding occupational health and safety are fulfilled.
  • "Zero" work accident policy is aimed for occupational health and safety.
  • It continuously improves OHS Management and OHS Performance, and ensures performance of activities and their continuity in accordance with the policies it formulated.
  • It makes all required announcement and carries out training and awareness activities to ensure that all are aware of OHS responsibilities.

Our Environmental Policy

Knowing that respect to environment is a statutory and social responsibility of each individual and organization, MBD Group adopts an environmental policy aiming at minimizing the damages to the environment during performing all its activities.

For this purpose, it performs the activities in accordance with the basic principles given below;

  • Activities are carried out in strict compliance with the applicable laws, regulation and mutual agreements.
  • It identifies the impact of our activities on the environment and takes all measures to minimize the adverse effects.
  • By using resources effectively, it endeavors to ensure conservation of nature, prevention of pollution, and recycling of wastes in an environment-friendly manner.
  • It ensures that all activities are performing in accordance with our environmental policies and also provides its continuity.
  • It carries out continuous training and awareness activities in an attempt to improve the environmental awareness of our employees and ensure that they acknowledge their responsibility for implementation of environmental policies during performing our activities.