Student Dormitory for 2,250 Persons

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Administration Name/Employer:
Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, Directorate General of Construction Works

Contract Name:
Dormitory Construction Work in Sivas (Capacity: 2.250 people)

Project location:
Sivas, Turkey

There will be 1 entrance unit, 1 social facility, 1 technical center block and 7 7-storey student blocks on the dormitory campus, which has a closed area of 74,766 square meters.

Each room of the dormitory will have a mini fridge, bathroom and toilet, and the rooms will be for 1-3 people. In the dormitory, there will be a library building, market, stationery, pharmacy, PTT and ATM centers, cafeteria, canteen, internet halls, billiards, cinema, a 300-person multi-purpose conference hall, and indoor and outdoor sports fields.

Dormitory blocks, social facilities and campus areas will be made suitable for the use of disabled students in accordance with TS 9111. The student dormitory, which is planned with its environmentally friendly features, is currently the largest student dormitory in the Eastern Anatolia Region.